The Five Dangers of Non-Stick Pans and the Two Safer Alternatives

Non-stick pans aren’t as safe as they seem. You think that just because you bought them in a department store or grocery store that they’re 100% A-OK and safe for you & your family. Think again!

All too often, we learn many years – or even decades – later just how dangerous common household products and consumer products are. If the science says that this or that household product, food item, or consumer product is dangerous, you need to take heed.

The Five Dangers of Non-Stick Pans



It used to be that people thought cigarettes were healthy. You need to dig deep to make sure what you’re buying at the store isn’t harming you.

Let’s look at the top five dangers of non-stick pans and then look at two safer alternatives.


Yes, it’s true that your favorite non-stick pans might actually cause cancer. In fact, a recommendation called the Madrid Statement, created by over 200 scientists, listed cancer as one of the serious side effects of non-stick pans.


Researchers have also found a link to obesity. The problem in Teflon pans comes because of a couple of substances called polyfluoroalkyl and perfluoroalkyl. These are acids that are highly fluorinated and the carbon and fluorine bonds are what keep anything from sticking to the pans. They are also known as PFAS’s.

Birth Defects

According to the Green Science Policy Institute, there is documentation that proves that the chemicals in nonstick cookware can cause birth defects in animal studies as well as low birth weight and size, adverse neutrological reactions and even cause tumors, neonatal toxicity and in a few cases, death.

Hormonal Imbalances

The problem comes because of the potential for overheating that exists when the material is overheated. As long as the pan isn’t heated up to too high of a temperature, the Teflon is fairly safe, but here’s the problem: When you do overheat the non-stick pan, it releases a huge amount of toxic fumes that cause hormonal imbalances and these other symptoms.

Compromised Liver

One of the complaints that the Madrid Statement made was that the Food & Drug Administration had opted not to research Teflon and similar products and warn people about the dangers. The Madrid Statement stated that the FDA should make recommendations to manufacturers, government agencies and retailers – and most of the all the general public – not to use non-stick cookware.

Alternative #1: Green Pan Cookware

The company Green Pan is a much safer alternative to Teflon. They use a substaned called Thermolon, which is not only made of minerals instead of PFOA’s or PFAS’s, but it also won’t break down unless you heat them up to 450 degrees, an possibility that is extremely remote outside of the oven.

Alternative #2: Earth Pan II from Farberware

This is another safe product, coated with SandFlow rather than being made from the substances that become toxic when heated and cause all of the health problems mentioned earlier.

Source: Health And Healthy Living

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