The Health Benefits Of Eating Black-Spotted Bananas

Bananas are excellent when it comes to health and nutrition.

They are the one fruit that provides both energy and a real sense of feeling full. They have vitamins, nutrients, all natural sugars and of course they pack a big fiber punch!
The Health Benefits Of Eating Black-Spotted Bananas

There’s a reason why bananas are the go-to fruit for most Americans, much more so than apples and oranges. They are not only easy to peel and consume, but you also know that you will be getting in a mini-meal of sorts. Something that will satisfy your hunger needs and get you through the coming hours.

Everyone knows that over time those wonderful yellow colored bananas will eventually turn brown. When foods turn brown, naturally it’s time to toss them, right? Well, it turns out that bananas may be the exception.

The more brown a banana is, the more TNF it contains. This stands for Tumor Necrosis Factor. It’s a cancer fighting compound which will help to fight abnormal cells within our body. Basically it assists in communication between immune response system cells by guiding the cells to the inflamed or infected area of the body. They can interfere with tumor cells, preventing them from spreading and causing cell death or apoptosis. White blood cell count is also bumped up as the antioxidants in bananas boost our immune system. So when you see a brown spotted banana, don’t be afraid as it can have all the above health benefits.

Here are some other health benefits to bananas:

1) Heartburn– A natural anti-acid, just eating one banana can provide you with soothing relief from heartburn and acid reflux, thus lessening your heartburn symptoms overall.

2) Blood Pressure– Bananas are low in sodium, while high in potassium. This makes them an ideal heart healthy food that can assist in lowering blood pressure while taking protective measures against a heart attack or stroke.

3) Energy– You get immediate energy from eating a banana and this can last for an hour or more, making it the ideal food to consume pre-workout. They can increase your endurance, while preventing muscle cramping from taking place.

4) Anemia– Dietary iron is provided from bananas and this can help with those who have anemia. The iron stimulates red blood cells as well as hemoglobin production and this strengthens the blood supply.

5) Ulcers– Usually you have to limit certain foods when ulcers come on. But bananas are the exception as they are soft and smooth, and their texture can actually coat the stomach lining, protecting it from irritation and corrosive acids.

6) Depression– The high levels of tryptophan are ideal for helping with depression. These get converted to serotonin, and in turn this makes us feel more relaxed and happy, while greatly improving mood and overcoming depression.

7) Constipation– A few bananas can unclog you. There is enough fiber to get bowel movements rolling again, thus providing natural stimulation relief from constipation.

8) Nerves or PMS– Moody or stressed? Take in a banana. This will help in regulating blood sugar. They are rich in B vitamins and this makes it calming for the nervous system leading to a more relaxed feeling and improved mood.

9) Temperature Control– Is it a hot day out? Try eating a banana to cool off. They can actually lower your body temp, and this can also work when you have a fever.

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