2 Natural Ways To Lower Blood Pressure !

Many people, due to living standards rather hectic, a remaining in a state of worring, fear and anxiety, suffers of high blood pressure, predisposition that can dangerously increase the risk of heart attacks, strokes, kidney failure and aneurysms of various kinds. Obesity boosts the phenomenon aggravating it, so much so that doctors recommend to their patients primarily not to gain weight and maintain a proper weight and height to age. The category in care needs, however, a list of recommendations to control the pressure and avoid that degenerate. We will show below 2 ways to lower it naturally:

The High Pressure Can Be Lower In 3 Minutes!

1) Eat foods rich in potassium: Potassium is a mineral that actively combats hypertension with evident results. Foods that contain significant amounts are bananas, tomatoes, potatoes, peas, beans, legumes in general, raisins and prunes, which must be treated consistently by the body in virtue of a assimilation K (symbol of the potassium in the periodic table) between 2,000 mg and 4,000 mg.

2) Measure out salt consumption: over a dose of 1500 mg, the salt becomes dangeorous for the body, so its consumption should be limited to essentials, especially for hypertension.

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