The Light From Our Smartphones Has A Huge Influence On Our Brain And Body – Here’s What Happens

Our smart phones are made to produce a blue light, which help us to read from the phone screen even when the day is sunny. However, this blue light is released all the time throughout the day from the TVs, gadgets and computers as well.

Obviously, that light confuses our brain because it imitates the sun, and people think that it is a day, when actually it is night. That is why, the light will stop the melatonin production and the person will have sleeping problems.

That is why a lot of experts say that people should not use electronic devices a couple of hours before going to bed.

In our brain there is a small organ – it is the pineal gland and it is responsible for melatonin production and it acts a few hours before going to bed. People know it by the name Melanopsin and it can be found in the retina ganglion cells, and it actually reacts to the blue light which is emitted from all devices.

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