The Light From Our Smartphones Has A Huge Influence On Our Brain And Body – Here’s What Happens


Different studies have shown that people who use their phones before going to bed have problems to fall asleep. Additionally, teenagers can be more prone to all these effects, because the circadian rhythm changes in adolescent years and that is why they will stay more awake.

Dr. Martin Blank, made a team of experts in the Department of Physiology and Cellular Biophysics Columbia University, and they appealed to the UN about all detrimental effects that the electromagnetic radiation from the phones. The use of all these devices may cause different side-effects, such as cancer. The worst part is that these days even the smallest children are constantly surrounded by electronic devices, and the children’s brain can get 4 more times radiation than those of an adult.

Additionally, the Chinese have come up with a specific name for the addiction to those electronics and it is known as an official clinical disorder.

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