The Mixture Of These 2 Ingredients Kills Cysts And Fibroids

This is a very effective mixture of houseleek leaves and natural honey.

The mixture is the most used and sometimes recommended against cysts in the body specifically referred to the cysts in women’s bodies and breasts. This is not all; there are numerous benefits for your body and among other things for the treatment against intestinal parasites, uterine cancer, heart and inflammatory processes in the body.

Use houseleek in this medicine is essential.

The Mixture Of These 2 Ingredients Kills Cysts And Fibroids

– 300 g of houseleek leaves
– 300 g real natural honey (chestnut)

Watchtower being harvested, well washed and ground in a blender. The resulting slurry mixture of houseleek mixed with honey in a glass jar and stirs well a few minutes to unite the ingredients. The mixture should stand for seven days, except that it is good to occasionally stir again. Keep the jar in the fridge. After 7 days of standing start to consume. This preparation should be taken every day, 3 times per teaspoon. The first spoon is taken as soon as you wake up in the morning, the second during the day between meals and the third before bedtime. The healing process takes from a few weeks to a few months but cysts usually disappear after this period. In practice, this combination of honey and houseleek is proven to be effective in all types of cysts in the body and especially the female organs and breasts.

The mixture is good for cleansing and strengthening the whole body. Works great for speeding up the metabolism and improves digestion and helps in constipation. Juice of houseleek has anti-inflammatory properties and will have positive effects on inflammation of the mouth, throat and stomach and particularly of the digestive tract if you consume it regularly.

Source: cuisineandhealth

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