The Mixture Of These Two Ingredients Is The Secret That Will Help You Eliminate Abdominal Fat!

The use of this cream will help you shed your belly fat within a couple of weeks and there are no adverse side effects to speak of. To prepare this special abdominal fat burning cream, you will need the following two ingredients.

  • Baby oil – medium pack
  • Camphor – 1 1/2 tablet

Preparation And Use

  • Just mix the baby oil and camphor to derive a single mixture.
  • This mixture should be kept aside to sit at room temperature for a period of 2 days.
  • After this period, stir the mixture very well prior to use.
  • To use this cream all you need to do is to gently massage it into your abdominal region especially a night just before bedtime.

This is a very simple treatment, however there are some precautions that you need to heed.

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