The Most Effective Ways To Lower Child’s Fever Without Medication In Less Than 5 Minutes

There is nothing more difficult than watching your child struggle with a fever. A recent story has shown that if your child has no other health issue, a fever is nothing to worry about.

Fevers are body’s natural response to infections that make your child sick. However, if your little baby burns and feels uncomfortable, you can use several tricks to make it feel better. Be careful, high body temperature that lasts for several days requires medical care and special attention.

We give you super-easy methods to decrease your child’s body temperature within 5 minutes:

1. Grated potatoes

Fill the inside of your child’s socks with freshly peeled and grated potato.

2. Brandy and water

Combine equal amounts of brandy and water. A shot glass works well as a measuring tool. Soak a gauze in the solution and wrap it around your child’s feet. Put their cotton socks on.

3. Apply a cool, damp washcloth onto your little child’s forehead while it is resting. This will draw fever out of it.

4. Lukewarm and sponge baths work amazing

Lukewarm baths are super efficient. While evaporating, water cools your child’s skin and decrease its body temperature. Remember, you should never use cold water! You do not like your child shivering and increasing its body temperature is the last thing you need.

5. Give your child plenty of fluids and chilled snacks

Ice pops are a great choice, but if you prefer something a bit healthier, give your child some yoghurt. It will cool and hydrate its body from the inside.

6. Fans keep your child from chilling

Set your fan at low. Make sure it circulates the air in your room instead of turning it directly to her.

7. Dress your child lightly, so the heat comes out easily

One layer of clothing is just enough. If your child shivers, wrap it with a light blanket until it feels warm again.

8. Your child should stay indoors in a cool room. If you stay outside, look for a shade

If your child is 3 months and deals with a severe fever, seek for medical help immediately. If your baby is between 3 and 5, temperature higher than 101 requires calling a doctor. For babies older than 6 months, 102 or more is considered to be critical.

Source: healthylifestory

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