The myths about rapid weight loss

Myth # 1: Snacking is bad

One of the first steps that you would be recommended when you are on your way to losing weight in just 7 days or a few more days less or more, is to stop snacking indefinitely. So, what do you do when you are hungry between meals? You will be told to starve, but believe us, starving will only make your body store more fat to make up for lack of nutrient flow in the future. According to experts, when you become hungry, your brain tells you to pounce at the next meal you are served, making you eat more than what you would were you snacking between meals. Eating snacks between meals helps one keep off the urge to eat more. One of the biggest reasons why people are against snacks is because when we talk about snacks, we talk shamelessly about the wrong choices like burgers, chips, candies, cookies and more. If you instead, identify fruits and vegetables with snacks, you are less likely to gain weight and more likely to maintain the lost bit.

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