The New Toothpaste, Which Leave Dentists Without Work

A Japanese scientist, Kazue Yamagishi, has made a revolutionary invention for maintaining personal hygiene. It is about a new paste that fills all the holes and cracks in the teeth and restores the tooth enamel.


The composition of the paste is similar to the tooth enamel, with only one distinction, that it is a liquid. Thus, it can easily be applied to the influenced area with a toothbrush.

The formula of the new paste is obtained after a series of experiments using hydroxylapatite, likewise called crystalline calcium phosphate. This is the main component of the tooth.

The acid contained within the paste dissolves the surface of the tooth. Three minutes later, the paste begins to crystallize and integrates into the structure of natural enamel.

The experiments conducted by the Japanese dentists, have shown that treatment with this toothpaste is identical with the healthy one. No difference is visible even under a microscope.

Source: Healthy Body And Tips

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