The Real Truth about Microwaves Everyone Ignores

How do microwaves ovens heat/cook our food?

Microwave ovens don’t work as the conventional ones, and are faster and more efficient because can channel the heat energy directly to the molecules inside food and heat food in a same way the sun heats your face-by radiation.

The Real Truth about Microwaves Everyone Ignores

How are microwave ovens dangerous?

There are 2.45 billion hertz inside of microwave and when your microwaves door ages, its radiation begins to leak out and thereby causing human cells and tissues damage.

How does a microwave oven harm our bodies?

causes birth defects
Cataracts- caused by exposure of high levels of microwaves.
weaken the immune system
reduces the viral and bacterial infections resistance
causes severe health problems

What does the microwave oven do to our food?

breaks chemical and molecular bonds
food prepared in microwaves can lose its nutritional value, according to Swiss scientist, Hans Hertel’s study
the radiation from microwaves can destroy the molecules in food by forming harmful radioactive compounds
Participants included in a study from the Search for Health in 1922, conducted to examine the effects of consuming microwaved vegetables said that they experienced:

increased cholesterol levels
decreased hemoglobin causing conditions like anemia
decreased white blood cells
increased leukocyte

You should never use microwaves to heat bottles of breast milk, since it can lead to significant loss of antibodies (up to 96%) and alters the formulas’s structure in infants, changes the amino acids components which creates immunological abnormalities.

Although you can have your microwave perfectly sealed, the high levels of electromagnetic fields exposure can cause serious health issues.

Therefore, EPA suggests limiting exposure to EMF of 5mG to 2.5.mG.

Here are some facts:

If you stand 4 inches from your food cooking in the microwave, your exposure levels range between 100 – 500mG.
If you stand 3 feet away from the operating microwave, your exposure levels range between 1-25mG.
Researches shown that food prepared in microwave lose its nutritional value, which increases the risk of health problems for you as for your family.

Source: healthyviperson

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