The Shocking Facts – This Powder Is Causing Cancer in 10,000 Women

Almost every household is using baby powder, even those without baby. Many women are using it and are claiming that it softens the skins and makes them look younger.

The Shocking Facts - This Powder Is Causing Cancer in 10,000 Women

If you are doing the same, it is better to stop it!

Johnson and Jonson’s baby powder amplifies the possibility of ovarian cancer by 33% in women.

According to the epidemiologist Dr. Daniel Cramer approximately 10.000 women are gaining ovarian cancer by using baby powder on a daily basis.This Powder Is Causing Cancer in 10,000 Women

The Shocking Facts
Back in 1982, studies have proved a relation between baby powder and ovarian cancer in women. The women that used talc based powders are 300 times more vulnerable from cancer.

The research hit mainstream media by the New York Times and obligated big corporation Johnson and Johnson to discover the truth behind their product.

Read and Follow the Labels
If you are holding any baby powder in your home, read the label and the warnings.

At the Johnson and Johnson’s product you will notice that they are warning you not to inhale the powder and to avoid contact with the eyes. What they aren’t warning you is about the talc particle’s ability to stick on the skin for years and travel to your ovaries.

Also there isn’t any warning that talc can cause inflammation and a suitable environment for developing cancer cells.
Although, the big corporation knew about all the risks and dangers that can be caused from their baby powder, they decided that there is no need for warning their costumers for the side effects and the dangerous from this product.

That’s Not All
It is even worse if you are using the baby powder on your baby. The parents had been warned from the American Academy Pediatrics that using baby powder, particularly talc based, is very risky and dangerous for their babies. Talc can easily become airborne and breathed in which will lead to dried mucous membranes.

This can cause stifling in babies. Some reported cases of pneumonia in kids have been related with previous use of baby powder. You will never read this on the label.

Why Hide the Facts?
The main reason for hiding these facts is the money. No one will buy product related with cancer.

Many trials are obligating the company to change their warning label, with adding a huge “Could Cause Cancer” sticker. Probably it will make them to pull their product from the shelves, finally.

Safe Alternatives
The petroleum jelly is the best option for babies, which will assist in healing a sore bottom. And for you, if you like to have soft skin use the corn starch based baby powder.

Source: healthylifevision

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