The Symptoms of Fatty Liver and Here is How to Heal It

Fatty liver symptoms

This disease is called a “silent disease”. Its symptoms are hardly noticeable. In some cases, it takes a few years to enable people to notice that the disease develops in their body. If it evolves, you might feel untypical signs such as nausea, weakness, appetite loss, confusion or concentration problems.

The Symptoms of Fatty Liver

Also, you may feel pain in the central or upper abdomen area; appear dark spots on the skin or lower arms and enlargement of the liver.

In alcoholics, these symptoms are exacerbated by continuous alcohol consumption. Fatty liver can be detected, or prevented in people who do not consume alcohol.

How to treat this health condition?

There is no remedy for oily liver. There is only a treatment for preventing or reducing and controlling the disease.

The person who discovered the disease should immediately stop consuming alcohol. There is a special diet and nutrition. Overweight people must immediately reduce weight because of their health.

Regular exercise, proper diet and physical activity can also help you to improve this health state you are in.

Source: healthylivinghouse

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