The Thing You Surely Didn’t Know about the Soap! Read!

The soap hides something that we hope at least. The epidemiologist from the University in Columbia, Ellen Larson, says that the soap should be washed.


what do we DON’T know about the soap?

The knowing for the use of the soap are more than 5.000 years old. The evidence of its existence is in Sumerian clay tiles, on which the production of the soap is explained, that was probably used for bathing and washing the clothes.

In the old days, the soap was sold in big pieces, i.e. were bought in kilograms. Some famous companies, such as Lush keep that kind of marketing alive even today. In France and England more stores like this exist.

For dry skin is preferred soap with no aroma, sweet and with addition of glycerin that will make sure the skin gets the needed amount of moisture.

Oily skin requires different treatment. Soap made with addition of minerals is ideal, that will clean the unnecessary fats and won’t harm the skin’s protective layer.

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