The Truth About Black Bread!

It is important when buying to check if the black bread is really “black”, ie. That is produced from whole-grain or only one added caramel for color, or something more insidious, which generally should not be placed in bread.

Brown bread is extremely popular among the population that cares about your health and implement proper nutrition.Black bread is made from whole-wheat grains, so it retains all the important chemical ingredients. The secret of black bread is his wealth in fiber, vitamins B and E, selenium, iron, magnesium, zinc and other high value chemical compounds.

In small quantities, gives a distinct feeling of satiety and therefore scientists recommend as a starter for the elimination of nervousness because of hunger. Also, black bread much better retains the taste, smell and can no longer stand without “hardened”.

It is useful to know that the black bread has a much lower “bad” cholesterol than white and is strongly recommended to heart patients and that the fibers contribute to low blood sugar so that diabetics also prices of this product.

The Truth About Black Bread!

According to testimony by a bakery, the black bread is added to everything. Coffee, cocoa, artificial colors, to red wine … The methods used by the manufacturers are different, all just to save you and to you fat profit.

To make sure you’re buying, check the purchased product. There’s a simple trick.

How to recognize a real black bread?

– Put in the water a middle of a piece of black bread. If bread whiten, and the water darkens, means that is colored.

– Black bread is tough, compact and has a higher moisture content than white

– Black bread can be airy and springy

– The middle of brown bread has deeper pores and lower his volume

– Black bread smells differently than white

Source: wealthyandhealthychoice

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