These 10 Habits Can Seriously Damage Your Kidneys!

By doing so, the kidneys enable the physique to stay strong and toxin-free.

Kidneys are located under the ribcage on both side of the spine. Aside from flushing the organism from waste, they are also in charge of balancing electrolyte levels and providing the body with hormones, which take care of the bones and erythrocyte levels, while balancing the blood pressure at the same time.

When the kidneys are affected by a certain disease, the symptoms are difficult to recognize and it would take a long time before a person can detect any serious health issue in this area.

Many factors can impair the kidneys, thus a proper care for this organs must be implemented accordingly.

These are the 10 main factors that could harm the kidneys as a result of poor lifestyle habits:

  1. Overconsumption of alcohol

Alcoholic beverages consumed more than once per day during an entire week’s period, could seriously distort the kidney performance and stress not just these organs, but the liver as well.

  1. Withholding Urine in Bladder

Teaching yourself to hold urine in for a long time can result in extensive kidney damage and possible kidney stones disease or kidney failure at worst.

  1. Dehydration

Drinking no or poor amounts of water on daily basis will obstruct the kidneys’ performance, disabling them from flushing all waste and toxins away from the body. This way, the toxins remain trapped within the kidneys, causing serious health issues in other organs as week,

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