These 3 Plants Produce Oxygen In Your Room Every Night, Here’s Why You Must Have Them In Your Bedroom


Moreover, there are some plants that absorb carbon dioxide throughout the night and, at the same time, perform the process of photosynthesis, which is also known as Crassulacean Acid Metabolism, or CAM.

Nowadays, difficulties with and shortage of sleep are very frequent problems, and they can have numerous negative effects. In addition, people who with sleep problems, often try to resolve them by taking sleeping pills, by changing the mattress, or by meditation and relaxation.

In case you are one of them, and you have not a solution to the sleep problems yet, we can offer you a solution. Having one of these three plants in your bedroom will enhance the quality of the air, because they produce oxygen even at night.

1. Spider plant

Spider plant is one of the best plants for improving the quality of the air in your bedroom. Based on the tests done by NASA, the spider plant can cleanse the formaldehyde, a chemical that causes cancer, from the air up to 90 %.
Formaldehyde is mainly contained in some household products, like filters, grout, adhesives, or sprung by furniture, paints, fabrics, stain varnishes, plywood, tobacco smoke, etc.

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