These 4 types of milk are way healthier than cow’s milk

Here are some alternate sources of milk that will definitely surprise you.

Almond milk

Yes, you can have milk from almonds and cow milk cannot compare with the taste of almond milk. It’s gaining popularity day by day, owing to its nutritional value and amazing taste. Since there is no saturated fats and cholesterol in almond milk, it is best for your heart. Vitamin D can help you have strong bones. And there are many other health benefits of almond milk.

Coconut milk

Coconut milk is another very popular source of milk. A great source of protein, manganese and copper, coconut milk is a great substitute to cow milk. Coconut milk is full of healthy fats and electrolytes that help ease digestive disorders. If you are suffering from anemia, iron content in it can help you provide plant-based irons. You can have a glass of coconut milk daily or cook your food in it; with its thick texture it can give you a smooth consistency to your gravies.

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