These 7 Signs On The Tongue Can Mean That Your Heart, Liver Or Colon Is Toxic

Ayurveda is the oldest tradition of healing on the planed, and it was passed down from teacher to student orally for generation, and then it was turned into text. Ayurveda includes many disciplines, from herbs to diet to different ways of diagnosis and more. It is really wonderful. Today we will introduce you the tongue diagnosis.

The diagnosis of tongue appears from the idea that some external parts of our bodies (like the eyes, fingernails, and tongue) can give us a lead to what is happening inside our bodies both in the emotional and physical sense. Every advanced practitioner of this can tell you almost everything that is happening with you only by looking at the tongue.

These 7 Sings On The Tongue Can Mean That Your Heart, Liver Or Colon Is Toxic

Discover the Dosha

This tradition of healing is based on the idea that a person is made up of the five elements. From these elements, we get the three constitutional kinds or “doshas”. The Vata dosha is a combination of Earth and Air, Pita is a combination of Fire and Water, and Kapha is a combination of Earth and Water. Each person has these three parts, but usually 1 or 2 of them are dominating. Most people are a mixture of 2 more dominant doshas.

You can see the general type just by looking at the tongue

Vata – tend to have long, thin, and pointed tongue. They might have a little quiver to them, and this person can have a difficult time holding the tongue out for you. When the vata person is out of balance, the tongue can be brown or black in color.

Pita – the pita tongue is usually very red and quite wet. You might notice on the tongue raise red bumps that shows a pita aggravation. When the pita person is out of balance, the tongue can be yellow-green or dark red.

Kapha – the kapha tongue is large, usually flat and maybe pale. This type of person has a steady tongue, and usually won’t have a hard time holding the tongue out. When this type of person is out of balance, the tongue can be pale in color.

Diagnosis – you have to look for these simple things

  • White foam over a particular area of the tongue, for example the back of your tongue which will be over the area that presents the colon, shows a problem in the organ that resembles with that area of your tongue. You can see the image where is show where each organ is represented on your tongue.
  • Teeth marks located on the sides of your tongue can show poor nutrient absorption.
  • A cut on the tip of the tongue can show problems with the heart. This can be emotional problems (like having a “broken heart”) or physical problems. Generally, this shows emotional problems, rather than physical problems.
  • Cracks all over your tongue can show chronic colon problems.
  • An overall yellow or white coating can show built up toxicity in your body.
  • A deep line located in the center of your tongue can show spinal problems or undealt with emotions.
  • If the tongue is very clear and clean, this is because the food cravings will be accurate and clear, and according to your body needs. If you often have coating over the tongue, that means that you have built up toxicity and because of that the food cravings might be less than clear.

This is not a medical advice, and you shouldn’t use it like a method of diagnosis to start with the treatment plan.

Source: Beauty Health Page

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