These bedtime hacks will help you lose weight

Sleeping in complete darkness

Many people have the habit of sleeping with lights on, which is not bad but if you sleep in a complete darkness, it will help you to lose calories. Yes, if you turn off the screen light and turn off every light in your room, your body produces a hormone named melatonin that can make you feel sleepy and produce calorie-burning brown fat. Just turn each and every light off, make sure no outdoor light comes in your room. Use dark curtains and each day you lose some amount of calories.


A cup of tea

Being Indian, we are so in love with our cup of traditional chai. The traditional tea that we like is made with milk and sugar; there is no way you are losing weight with a cup of tea till in your daily diet. And the worst part is that some of us have the habit of having a tea with dinner, right before bed. Just swap your masala chai with a cup of green tea or chamomile tea. The antioxidants and certain relaxing agents in a tea will calm your nerves and will also help you sleep faster while help you lose those extra pounds.

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