These Foods Are Killing Us! Know Why You Should Avoid Them! See!

Harvest says that industrially processed food has no nutritional value.

It has too much salt and sugar, artificial colors, which the body cannot process. Processing over which are added various flavorings used in the meat and dairy industry. You have the margarine with the taste of butter, low fat cheese from processed vegetable oils. All this is unhealthy, burden the liver and kidneys, clog arteries and increase the risk of heart attack and stroke.


What you should avoid:

Cheese slices

This cheese is made from pure cheese, but from what remains in the process of cheese production. In it, in fact, is only 50 percent of the cheese, and the rest are whey proteins, water, fat, emulsifiers and artificial color to the final product was as true as possible taste. This cheese has twice more salt than in the ordinary, while it has more fat than any other dairy product. Melting processes kill all the probiotic and other bacteria that have a positive effect on our body.


On the list are especially the unhealthy food and popcorn for the microwave, because they contain chemicals which have been shown that can increase the risk of cancer, affect fertility and interfere with kidney function. Many microwave popcorn contain artificial flavors and trans fatty acids, and other chemicals that can cause headaches and nausea. Recommended by nutritionists is that fans of popcorn make this snack in the traditional way – in a saucepan on the stove.

Hot dog

All offal, skin, nails, hooves, intestines, blood vessels, cartilage, fat, bones, ligaments, and the worst quality meat grinding the mixture to be unrecognizable. Then add vegetables, soybeans, spices, starches, water, a lot of salt, the preservative sodium nitrate as the product would be lengthy, then potassium and calcium triphosphates, polyphosphates, sodium ascorbate and carmine – color found in lipsticks and paprika extract. And that’s hot dogs.

What is in them?

Sodium nitrite

It is a seasoning and preservative that is widely used in meat products such as bacon, sausage and ham. Experts link it to increased risk of cancer, and there are studies that can cause heart problems.


This additive is among the most damaging. Products in liquid form ensures the homogeneity and density of the corresponding level, while the cured meat products are placed to bind as much water to be heavier. Potential is the challenger colon cancer.


Polyphosphates are commonplace in local cured meat products, and manufacturers don’t seem to mind that his excessive ingestion can cause gene mutations.

Monosodium glutamate

Its role is the better taste of the finished products, which is why it is called “delicious poison”. Today it is almost impossible to find a finished product that it does not contain. Disruptive work of the hormones produces hyperactivity in children, leading to chronic fatigue, sudden changes in blood pressure, headaches.

Trans fatty acids

These are artificial fats that are added to processed food in order to prolong shelf life. Trans fatty acids increase harmful LDL cholesterol and reduce good HDL, increase the risk of heart disease and stroke, and harm the arteries.

Source: healthyfoodteam

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