These Foods Can Be DEADLY!!! Most Of Us Have Them In The Kitchen

A number of ingredients contained in processed foods can have extremely toxic effects on human`s health and can lead to serious health issues.

Here is a list of some of the most toxic foods:



Nutmeg has hallucinogenic properties. Just 5.5 grams of it can lead to cramps and 8 grams can even cause an attack. Moreover, only one nutmeg a day can lead to psychosis.


Potatoes with green skin are extremely toxic. These potatoes and their sprouts are loaded with glycoalkaloids, which can lead to diarrhea, coma and even death.


There are two kinds of almonds: sweet and bitter. Bitter almonds are loaded with hydrogen cyanide, and 7 out of 10 nuts can lead to serious health problems in adults, and can have fatal consequences in children.

Source: healthonlinecentral

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