These Uses For Coke Will Have You Rethinking Drinking It Ever Again

One of the most successful brands in the world surely is the Coca-Cola. Even though this company presents itself as environmentally-friendly company that cares about social change, the detrimental effects of their flagship drink still speak volumes.

These Uses For Coke Will Have You Rethinking Drinking It Ever Again

Here we will present you few examples to show you just how bad Coca-Cola is for your body.

  1. Rust Removal

Due to its acidity the Coca Cola is an excellent rust remover. If you want to get rid of rust stains of everything from hubcaps to screwdrivers and knives, all you need is Coca-Cola.

  1. Oil Stain Removal

For cleaning the stain all you need to do is soak the stain in coke and then scrub it thoroughly. This method will also help you to effectively remove oil stains from your concrete floor.

  1. Cleaning Car Batteries

This method is so awesome and mechanics have been using it for years now.

  1. Shine Your Pennies

Are you tired of having lackluster coins around your house and in your wallet? All you need to do is soak them in Coca-Cola, leave them there for a while and wash them with the coke, they’ll be shiny in no time.

  1. Toilet Cleaner

The fastest way to clean your toilet is using Coca-Cola. This technique is very simple. All you have to do is grab a coke, pour it into the toilet bowl. Leave it to stay like that for a while and then flush and just like that your toilet will be shinny once again.

After reading and seeing all of this, do you still want to drink Coca-Cola? Most of these cleaning techniques have showed us the Coca-Colas acidity. You have seen how Coca-Cola cleans your toilet, your coins, and even removes rust, now imagine what it does to your intestines.

Source: Top Healthy Life

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