Things You May Not Know About Animal Testing

Animal testing for cosmetics and household products is not required by the FDA or the Consumer Product Safety Commission for safety of humans. 

Also, many other ways have been created to test the effectiveness of a product for humans without causing animal suffering (E.g. past research information, synthetic skin, etc.)

Mice and rats are excluded from the Animal Welfare Act statistics, therefore, the actual number of animals used in product testing is unknown, but grossly more than reported.
Claims about animal testing on products labels are not regulated by any state or federal entity. Thus, terms like “not tested on animals” or “cruelty-free” maynot be true in actuality. 

Animal testing can occur anywhere within the manufacturing process. So, if a product does not test its “final” product on animals, it may test it all the way up to that point. It also might say that it is not tested on animals, but the ingredients could be purchased from companies that are known to test on animals.


Stop Animal Testing!!! Be Kind to Animals.

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