This 420 Pound Man Lost A Third Of His Weight By Changing This One Daily Habit!

Juicing is a common but still controversial topic between the individuals which are conscious about their health. Some say that is great because it is nutritive and helps the body to detox.

It is especially beneficial for people who have fast lifestyle and can’t consume many fresh products a day. Juicing provides the body with combinations of different ingredients with great nutritive value.


But still there is the other side which claims that juicing in not healthy at all.

Brandon Kola who is a personal trainer and nutritionist, living in Boston MA is in favor of the second group. He says that despite the fact that the body gets many of the needed supplies while consuming juices, the person has less functional body. He also adds that these people may have problems with muscle mass, metabolism and lack of fiber.

But if you ask Adam Harding – Jones who is 48 years old and lives in England he will tell you that juicing is the best.

He lost 140 pounds and he says that he feels a lot younger.

He adds that juicing changes his life, helping him to lose 140 pounds in just a year and he improved his health. He weighed 420 pounds and thanks to the diet based on juices he changes his life.

Motivated by the popular TV show “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” plus the failure of his kidneys ne decided that it was high time for him to change something in his lifestyle.

He explains that previously he felt horrible and old. After trying this diet he felt a lot better, healthier, younger and happier. He could do many things that he couldn’t before and this changed his life.

Previously Jones was 5XL and consumed McDonald’s for breakfast plus he was 56 inches in the waist. His family was really worried about his unhealthy lifestyle and bad nutrition and especially his health. Despite their warnings and offers for better nutrition he continued consuming unhealthy food. Until one day he was diagnosed with diabetes and his kidneys failed.

‘I knew I was in danger and my body was warning me” – he says. I felt very bad and I knew that it was high time for me to change something. He finally realized how bad it was after watching the show Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” and started a healthier lifestyle.

Juicing, weight loss and fitness

What now?

After losing 140 pounds Jones started an active sport life. He goes to the gym and cycling and has been part of the Tough Mudder event. Also he is takin parti in 100 mile race in Wales.

He continued with his healthy routine, drinking homemade fresh juices every day and consuming vegetables and fruits instead of fast food as before.

Source: NaturalNews

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