This Ancient Japanese Beauty Diet Can Give You Flawless Skin and Healthy Hair

Diet-Tips-For-Clear-SkinEver since geishas became a public fixation in 19th century Japan, their practices have been shrouded in mystery. They are trained in a variety of skills, including music, dance, and conversation. They are often employed as entertainers and hosts. Most notably, they are known for their beautiful skin and hair.

There are still many geishas in Japan and they continue to stick to the beauty rituals that were followed by their predecessors. If you are interested in achieving beautiful skin and healthy hair, find out more about the geisha diet for skin and hair.

Natural Ingredients and Diet

Since the origin of geishas dates back to a time before department stores and readily available skin care treatments, they had to make do with items that were available around them. They would use ingredients from their kitchen and local herbalists.

With the mystery surrounding geishas, you would think that the geisha diet for skin and hair would involve a complicated ritual. It turns out, they use a simple process with a minimal of ingredients.

In fact, geishas rarely relied on anything that would need to be applied to their body. The majority of their skin and hair care ritual comes from the food that they eat. By focusing on a traditional Japanese diet, they manage to keep their skin looking healthy, vibrant, and young.

Traditional Japanese Dinners

The food that geishas eat is the primary factor responsible for their healthy skin and hair. A traditional Japanese dinner often includes sushi – which is typically made from rice, fish, and seaweed. They often wash this down with green tea.

Green tea contains antioxidants called EGCG. These antioxidants are helpful in neutralizing free radicals that are known to damage the skin.

Food as Skincare Products

While geishas do not normally apply products to their face, the topical treatments that they do use often come from the food that they eat. The husks from rice contain a healthy combination of moisturizers, antioxidants, and UV absorbers that can help the skin.

Seaweed and squalene are a couple of other food ingredients that are often a part of the geisha diet for skin and hair. Seaweed contains polysaccharides, which help your skin retain water, so that your skin does not dry out.

Squalene is an ingredient that comes from shark liver oil. This oil is identical to the oil that is already in your skin at an early age. This oil can also be found in olives.

Food for Healthier Hair

Along with healthier skin, there are a number of foods that help protect and hydrate hair. In Japan, geishas use camellia oil, found in a flower that grows in the snow, as an effective hair care product. This oil is found in the food that they eat and is applied topically to their hair and skin.

Geishas also often make their own shampoo, from a combination of rice and seaweed. This add essential oils to the scalp and promotes healthier, silkier hair.

If you have ever appreciated the beauty of the geishas, then you may want to consider following a geisha diet for skin and hair.


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