This brain quest is considered the most difficult in the world – Try!

We present you brain quest considered the most difficult in the world:

You have visited a far, deserted island, which is inhabited 100 a very friendly mood dragons, and all of them have green eyes. For centuries, they haven’t seen a man and are very excited about your visit and will be happy to carry out the island and show you what kind of life is the dragon’s life.

It seems like quite normal, at least for the dragons, but soon you find out something very unusual. But there is a rule on the island that if the dragon ever finds out that has green eyes, it will have to give up of all dragon power and turn into a swallow-tailed the same evening at midnight. Fortunately, there is no mirror on the island and they never talk each other and about eye color, so that dragons hundreds of years living in blissful ignorance.

When you were ready to leave, all the Dragons gathered to greet you, and you have thanked them, with many tears, for their hospitality. Then you decided to tell them something they already know (after all, every one of them sees eye color of other dragons) you say to all of them that at least one of them has green eyes.

Of course you have not thought about the consequences, and you went on our way. Assuming that the dragons are unfailingly logical beings, what happens after that?

Since we do not have much patience for this sort of thing, we quickly quit of the attempt to find the solution of “the most difficult brain quest” and went to search for an answer on the net, which we do not recommend to those who really want to solve this problem.

The solution is very easy to find, but there arises a new problem: it even after several readings is not very clear! But, we repeat … we might not being a benchmark.

What we can say as a kind of help to those who want it is that it is not about any kind of trick questions, there is something in the brain quest giving a magical solution (although some data are key to solving), and no telepathy, bickering and bargaining among dragons … everything is just pure logic.

So much about this, and you happily solving!

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