This Brutally Honest Guide To Losing Weight Has Gone Viral – And With Good Reason!

Sometimes, the hardest thing to do seems to be to start your own weight loss regime and stick to it.

It is not simply a change of diet that’s necessary, it’s also creating an exercise routine, squeezing it in your schedule, and most importantly keeping the will to do it.

Well, as with all great changes in life, you can’t simply expect that such a drastic shift would happen smoothly and overnight. Changing yourself means embracing all your hardships and using them to fuel your efforts.

This Brutally Honest Guide To Losing Weight Has Gone Viral - And With Good Reason!

Aaron Bleyhaert did the same thing when he decided it’s time to get himself in shape.

He shared his experience afterwards in a brutally honest guide which swept through the internet and became a sensation in every healthy lifestyle circle.

Here’s what Bleyhaert did to lose 80 pounds and what you can do to achieve a similar result.

1. He controlled his portions

One of the best advices that Bleyhaert has is to discipline yourself into controlling your food portions. This is especially true for when you are going out, as most restaurant meals are portioned way above your required limit, while also being incredibly bad for your health. Or, as Bleyheart suggests: “when your meal comes, cut it in half and right away ask for a takeout container, so that you can save the rest for later.”

Another thing you can do is make sure your portions contain more vegetables or lean proteins, if you want to lose weight faster. This should particularly be done at home, where you can create your own meals and portion them as you wish.

2. He cut off fruit juices

Even though fruits are a necessary part of a healthy diet, as with all things in life too much of them are never good for you. This is particularly true for fruit juices, for which Bleyhaert says that they contain “Too much sugar!!!”

He cut off beer

If you want to lose weight you should stay away from beer as it provides your body with nothing but empty calories. According to Bleyhaert “every time you drink a beer, it’s like eating seven slices of bread.” You can even take his advice one step further and stay away from any alcoholic beverages, because they will only make your calorie-burning exercise go to waste.

4. He had his heart broken

This is one of the most brutal advices he had to share, however, the point he’s trying to make is not that you should go and break up with your partner just because you want to lose weight. What he means is that he had a horrible period after his break up, as most of us would also, but instead of hiding away from the world and feeling sorry for himself he used that pain to feed his change. He continuously sucked up his pain and kept going, day after day, until his very change healed him.

His advice is to do the same as he did, or in his own words: “join the gym at your work. Start going to the gym regularly, and even though you don’t know that much about exercise and you’re way too weak to do pretty much anything but lift 5 lb weights and use the elliptical machines with the old people, do it until your sweat makes a puddle on the floor. Then go home and go to bed early and the next day do it again. And then again. And then again.”

When he broke up with his girlfriend he was at a crossroad. He was either going to let his pain lead him to filling his emptiness with food, or go in a completely different direction and really make a change that he was never able to pull off before, even if it meant dedicating an entire year full of pain and sadness to this change.

To him his struggle was not about becoming more attractive at the end of his struggle, but about directing a portion of his love towards himself and allowing himself to become better and healthier. Now, most of you might think that his regime is too hard to replicate, but as he puts it “It’s about being able to wait. Waiting, being patient, and trusting that life will slowly inch along and things will eventually get better. After all, change takes time. But time is all it takes.”

Do you think he offers sound advice? Would you do the same if you were him? Whatever your thoughts are, the most important thing is to love yourself more, just like he did.

Source: Healthier Way Of Life

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