This Fruit Is Probably The Best Fruit That Exists On Earth

Cherimoya is the queen of fruits!

It is a South-American Bomb and is believed to be the healthiest fruit on earth !

Cherimoya is the fruit of the tree Annonacherimola that is believed to be native to the inter-Andean valleys of Ecuador, Colombia, Peru and Bolivia. This plant can submit lower temperatures. This is why it has spread to other warmer regions of the world such as Spain, Israel, Chile, California, Brazil and Mexico.nutritional

It has thorny and yellow-green skin. Inside there is a white meat that is eaten with spoon after the fruit is cut in half. When the fruit has completely matured, it becomes soft similarly as the kiwi or avocado does.The fruit’s taste can be enriched with lemon juice, but it is probably for the best to enjoy its unique taste, without adding anything.

The fruit should be eaten immediately, because it must not be kept in the refrigerator. This fruit does not tolerate temperatures below 14 degrees. Be careful not to buy brownish or squashed fruits, because the like have no nutritional value and their expiration date is over. You can use cherimoya fruit in various salads as well as an addition to meals.

Cherimoya contains carbohydrates and it is very nutritious. It is also rich in vitamin C, B1, B2 as well as calcium, iron and phosphorus and it is used in cases of urinary bladder and the kidney inflammation.

Cherimoya is also known as an exotic tropical fruit and its taste is a flavor combination of coconut, banana, pineapple, and papaya.This Fruit Is Probably The Best Fruit That Exists On Earth

It is really interesting to know that Mark Twain said that this fruit has the most delicious taste known to men.Therefore, if this fruit was so good for such an ingenious mind, then you definitely have to try it and see for yourself.


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