This Guy Was Experiencing Severe Ear Pain. When I Saw Why, I Was Horrified!

Earlier today, I almost drank a moth that accidentally flew into my water glass. That was enough to make me gag. Then I immediately after saw the story of this fella who was experiencing some ear pain.

Ear Bug

To summarize, there’s a moth in this guy’s ear. Why are we posting about it? Not so much for the ew effect, but to try to put an important lesson out there:

Everything these people did was wrong.

It is ill-advised that you insert foreign objects, in this case a pair of tweezers, into the ear canal. They chose the most dangerous method of resolving this fella’s issues. It should have been handled by a medical professional, not a pal.

There is some strong language in the video so be advised.

Source: simpleorganiclife

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