This Herb Kills Cancer Cells In 48 Hours! It Is 100 Times More Effective Than Chemotherapy! See!

It might sound strange but the scientists claim that Dandelion is 100 times more effective than chemotherapy. They say that in less than 48 hours it attacks the cancer cells, but leaves the healthy cells unaffected.

Herb Kills Cancer Cells In 48 Hours

The benefits of this herb were widely known back in the history, and our grandmother use it for various medical conditions. But the new thing that the scientists have discovered recently is that it is very effective in the fight against various types of cancer. It is actually the root of this herb which promises to help people sick with cancer.

This was confirmed in a study conducted at the University of Windsor in Canada at the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. The researchers after this study came to conclusion that this herb is a great hope for salvation of patients sick with cancer.

They claim that the root of Dandelion destroys the “bad” cancer cells. But the main benefit from it is that unlike chemotherapy it does not kill the healthy cells but leaves them unaffected. And according to the research only 48 hour would be enough for it to start acting.

After the researchers presented their result to the public they got a great support to continue exploring it.

John Di Carlo a patient sick with cancer has been unsuccessfully treating the disease for 3 years. Now from his own experience he claims that dandelion helped him a lot and actually it is this herb that saved his life. He says that he consumed a tea from dandelion every day. After 4 month he was more than surprised when the doctors told him that there was no trace of his cancer.

If you decide to take this herb make sure that you pick it up from clean field away from traffic, because only this contains all the medical properties.

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