By increasing the urine flow and urine production, the parsley helps cleanse the kidneys. It prevents the kidney stone formation and salt absorption in the kidney tissues. It calms the nerves and reduces the anxiety. To make a parsley tea you should use fresh parsley as that makes it more potent, but you can also use dried leaves of parsley.

Needed ingredients:

-Juice of a half lemon;
-Two tbs. of organic honey;
-Eight cups of water (filtered);
-Bunch of parsley leaves (fresh);


-Wash the parsley and chop it into large pieces and put the pieces in a bowl with water. Boil it and leave it to simmer for ten minutes. Strain the liquid and let it cool down. Then, add the lemon and honey to taste. You should consume one to two glasses on a daily basis. Keep it in the fridge in glass container up to seven days.

Pregnant women shouldn’t drink it as it can induce abortion and menstruation. Before you consume it, consult a doctor if you take some medications for lowering the blood pressure.

Source: naturalhealthyteam

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