This Is How You Can End Up Your Period In Only 3 Days!!


You can end your period in just 3 days by following these simple steps.

 Drink lots of water – this will help you reduce cramps and bloating. What is the way to determine how much you should consume water? Get your current weight and divide it by 2, then get that number and that many ounces of water daily. So if your weight is 110 pounds, then you need to consume 55 oz. of water a day.
  • Raspberry tea – it is a uterine toner as it contains alkaloid, allowing the uterus to contract more powerfully. There will be less cramping if there are no contractions, no straining, and mucus effort.
  • Chasteberry – it is known as ‘the women’s herb’. Its seeds and fruit are used as a medicine. This herb is able to control the levels of prolactin in women, which is a hormone that triggers the periods. You can find it in tea form and you should take it 3 times per day. Ginger provides the same properties as chastberry. It can reduce the duration of your periods, too.
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