This is How You Can Lose Your Weight Overnight!

After trying several weight loss methods without success, Coleen, a mother of 3, heard of body wrapping. Actually, she read about body wraps on the Internet and was also advised to try this method by a friend who had tried it and lost 0.5 inches on the first try.

Foil wrapping is both cost-efficient and effective way to melt excess fat on any part of the body. Your weight loss results can be even greater if you apply medicinal mud, kelp or seaweed under the wrap.

This is How You Can Lose Your Weight Overnight Use Only one thing, Cheap and Easy

What you need:

  • clean plastic wrap
  • bandage wrap


1# Apply a thick layer of moisturizer to the target area. This can include your stomach, thighs, upper arms etc. Be careful not to rub it in thoroughly.

2# Wrap the affected area on your body in several layers of foil, making sure it isn’t too tight.  Do this before going to bed. Leave the foil on overnight.

3# Finally, use long gauze or bandage to wrap over the foil in order to secure it.

This method is extremely beneficial for stimulating water release as the combination of moisturizer and plastic promotes sweating.

Source: Your Healthy Page

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