This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Get Aspartame Poisoning From Diet Sodas

Aspartame – this artificial sweetener is also known by the names: amino sweet or nutrasweet. You’ve probably heard that this artificial sweetener has some bad side effects on the human body. Before we start with this article, we would like to mention that this is a real life story, sent by one of our readers. Her name is Rhonda.

“I would like to share this story with you. In October, 2001, my sister was very sick. She suffered from stomach spasms and he had some problems of walking around. Yes, walking was really difficult for her. She spent all her strength just to get out of bad and she was in terrible pain. At the end of 2002, my sister had undergone several tissue and muscle biopsies and was on 24 different prescription drugs and medications. Even the doctors didn’t know what’s wrong with her. They couldn’t diagnose her health problem, so they can recommend the appropriate medical treatment.”, Rhonda said.


Some of the doctors thought that Rhonda’s sister suffered from multiple sclerosis – but, they were so wrong. So, Rhonda searched for a possible answer online and found an article, which was related to her diseases. Rhonda had read about aspartame. So, Rhonda asked her sister did she drinks diet soda, and she answered yes. Well, in fact, her sister told Rhonda that she drank a lot of diet soda. So, Rhonda told her sister to stop drinking diet soda immediately. Now, you probably ask yourselves – what happened next? We can answer that for you – a miracle happened, that changed her life forever.

“She called me after 2 days and told me that she stopped drinking diet soda for 2 days, and now she could walk. The muscle spasms were all gone. She also said that she didn’t feel 100% better – but she was feeling much better, all right.”, Rhonda said.

You should know that the symptoms of aspartame poisoning include: headaches, decreased vision, elevated blood pressure and dizziness. So, how can you avoid aspartame poisoning? Well, that’s simple – just stop eating foods and drinking beverages that contain high amounts of this artificial sweetener. Your body will thank you for it.


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