This Juice Cured Gray Hair

Graying is the part of maturing and cannot be avoided. The hair turns white and after the formation of melanin, our hair becomes dark or white. When mixing, they create various colors. Each hair follicle has melanin and the graying process happens when the cells which produce melanin (melanocytes) become less active or there aren’t nay cells left to produce the color. These are the factors which increase graying and change the hair pigmentation:

This Juice Cured Gray Hair

Genetics – there is something named early graying and happens in people in their 20s. Stress and genetics are the main reasons. Genes will regulate when you get your first gray hair, same goes with baldness as genes are responsible for managing the pigmentation capability of every individual hair follicle.
Anemia – if you are vitamin B deficient, have untreated thyroid gland then early graying can happen.
Smoking – it speeds up graying as it is familiar that smokers are 4 times more likely to have gray hair than those who do not smoke.
Some medications and conditions may affect your hair.
Hydrogen peroxide – it builds on the hair shafts, leading to hair and color loss.
Age – reduction of melanin comes with aging and the hair turns gray and then turns white.
Natural solutions

Onion juice mixed with lemon juice – onion juice is rich in the enzyme catalase. Botanists advise patients to rub onions on their scalp to cure gray hair.
Try them now and look younger.

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