This Mom Wants You To Know The Dangerous Thing She Found In Her Baby’s Diapers

Almost all mothers have favorite baby brands, which they stick to. Mothers trust the brands they have chosen for their babies, as long as they keep their babies safe and provide quality baby care. If this trust is broken and the brands do not stick to their standards as they used to, it becomes a problem and a great challenge to regain the mother’s trust. This was the case of a mother who had a pretty dangerous experience with a baby brand she used for her baby. The product was a diaper.

This Mom Wants You To Know The Dangerous Thing She Found In Her Baby's Diapers

Michelle Yates’ baby had been crying for days.

When Michelle took her baby to the doctor, the doctors thought that the baby’s problem is constipation and that the cuts on its bottom were due to straining in her diaper. However, while they were changing her, they detected something terrifying in the new diaper.

“Shocked, appalled, and disgusted don’t begin to cover it!”

The Pampers baby-dry size 4 nappies Michelle has bought from Asda turned out to contain shards of razor sharp metal in their inner core. Michelle and her husband Lee were shocked and reported how awful they felt for putting trust in this big company which deals with intimate hygienic areas. Normally, one would expect that products like these would be checked and controlled.


They contacted Procter & Gamble and Asda.

However, the answer came pretty late. After quite some time, the company that produces the Pampers issued a statement saying that their customer’s safety is the most important thong for them. Michelle has posted this information, and it has been shared more than 63,000 times, in hope that she will inform mothers to watch out and thus prevent other babies from being harmed.


Lee says they don’t want compensation.

As Lee stated, they are not interested in money and compensation. They just want to stimulate people and the organs to investigate this issue transparently and determine the cause of this problem. They want to prevent other cases like this one. According to Michelle, her little daughter started feeling much better and changed her behavior once she stopped wearing the diapers.


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