This Mother Lost Her Child, Because She Made A Mistake On Facebook. Keep Your Eyes Open

All parents try to keep their children safe. They all do their utmost to protect their kids from all dangers that might be lurking around. One of the most dangerous places nowadays is definitely the internet, or the social networks, to be more precise.

This Mother Lost Her Child, Because She Made A Mistake On Facebook. Keep Your Eyes Open

Thanks to social networks, we can keep in touch with our friends and family. Still, the social networks are frequently abused by different types of people for their own ghastly plans. Facebook is one of the social networks, and hence, one of the dangerous places. Often times people, children in particular, do not know how to protect themselves when they spend time on these social networks and do not know what to be careful from and what to avoid.

One of the cases in which Facebook turned out to be a dangerous place is the case of the unaware mother who let her children on Facebook on their own. This is their story.

Her little daughter got a friend request from an unknown person. The little girl accepted the friend request without the slightest doubt that something bad can happen. The profile picture of the man was pretty nice and assuring.

This girl’s mother was much exited that her daughter was going through a successful period and often posted things about her on Facebook. Still, obviously she had not thought this through and even revealed information about her daughter’s school name. what happened next was really unexpected and shocking.

This man did not seem to be dangerous or something, but he had downloaded the picture and then uploaded it to a website where he posted it alongside the following words:

“Youngblood, American girl. Not even 6 years old! Only 10,000 dollars!”

who could have imagined that by uploading a harmless picture of your child and a picture of the school she studies in they can push things out of hand? This is exactly what happened to this woman who one day went to pick her daughter from school and saw that she was not there. No traces of her daughter; she was taken away and gone forever.

This is one of the bad examples that teach us a valuable lesson that parents should always have control over what their kids post or do on social networks. Believe it or not, this can happen to anyone. Who would like some pedophiles and molesters to download pictures of their children and use them for their own sick goals? Moreover, people should never accept friend requests from unknown people and publish publicly personal information about them and their family.

Keep this story in mind as a reminder that as a parent, you should do anything in order to keep your children safe. In other words, parents should never let their guards down, and should never accept friend requests from strangers and unknown people. Also, they should never post pictures or personal information about their children, as they want these people and strangers to be away from them and their family, right? Social networks are just one of the examples where we also want to keep unknown people away and keep our privacy.


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