This Powerful Exercise Wil Help You Get Flat Stomach And Lose Weight Fast!

You can get rid of the belly fat in just three weeks by doing the following yoga technique. It will strengthen the abdominal muscles and make the abdominal area flat. The more it is done, the more soon the results will be noticeable.

You have to do it at least five times and if you can even more. It may appear difficult in the beginning, but you shouldn’t give up. As it is repeated more and more, it will become more easily.
You should lie on the back and place the hands beside the body.

Bend the knees and relax the muscles. Breathe in slowly and breathe out. Pull the muscles on the stomach inward as much as possible and hold the breath for fifteen seconds. Then, gently breathe out and release the muscles.

After ten seconds, pull again the abdominal muscles and hold for another ten seconds and breathe out. Relax the muscles and release the air from the lungs before you pull the muscles in again.

Source: naturalhealthyteam

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