THIS Powerful Spice Increases Weight Loss By 3 times

Losing weight is not an easy process, but there is a spice that can accelerate the process and prevent serious diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. This powder is widely available and studies are underway to discover its full potential.

The magic powder – cumin

 Cumin is usually added to curry powder, and you can find it pre-packed as chili powder in most grocery stores. It can be used to prepare everything from tea to Indian curry.
Research on cumin

Recently, the University of Medical Sciences in Iran performed a study on 88 obese women in two groups that consumed the same amount of food and reduced their daily calorie intake by 500 calories. The first group consumed 5 ounces of yogurt and 1 teaspoon of cumin, and the results showed that this group lost three extra pounds compared to the other group after three months. Their body fat was also reduced by 15%, 3 times more compared to the other group.

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