This Simple Oil Cure Diabetes!

Perhaps one of the most vital and versatile oils is the cinnamon oil, truly a standout amongst the most crucial and adaptable oils. Cinnamon is a sweet spice favored all around the world, used to make a fundamental oil which has its true sweet, teeming fragrance which is very relieving. Also cinnamon oil has a plenty of medical advantages and recuperating properties.

This Simple Oil Cure Diabetes!

Homemade Cinnamon Oil


Things you will require are cinnamon sticks, a glass jug (ideally amber or green with a wide mouth and straight sides – for easy draining out the substances), and last but not least olive oil.


1 – Get an adequate amount of cinnamon sticks and stuff them inside the glass container. Top off all the unfilled spaces if conceivable.

2 – Pour the olive oil inside the container until the greater part of the cinnamon sticks are sank.

3 – Place the glass jug in a warm place, like your window and make sure it is well placed so it won’t spill over. Leave it for around three weeks.

4 – Shake the jug day by day, and by doing so it will release the cinnamon oil from the base oil.

5 – After three weeks, the oil from the cinnamon sticks will be totally released and will be formed as cinnamon oil. Utilizing a bit of cheddar material or any alike material, strain the cinnamon oil. You can likewise utilize your fingers to haul out the cinnamon oil from the sticks.

6 – Put the cinnamon oil in a golden jug and store it in a cool, dry place

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