THIS Spice Increases Weight Loss By 3 Times! Amazing!

We all know how difficult it is to lose weight. There are millions of different diet plans on the internet, and they all “promise” that you can lose weight in just 1 or 2 weeks. Well, we all know that’s not going to happen. You’ve tried many different ways and it’s not working for you? Well, what if we tell you that you can lose weight just by adding this super healthy spice in your healthy diet. And if you add this spice in your diet, it will boost the weight loss process by 3 times. This spice will improve your health as well, prevent obesity and heart diseases.

We are talking about the amazing cumin. Cumin is usually grounded and then add in curry powder. Or, the manufacturers add it in chili-powders and it’s used in different cuisines around the globe.

Study Confirms – This Spice Boosts the Weight Loss Process

Researchers at Iran’s Shahid Sadoughi University of Medical Sciences randomly split 88 overweight or obese women into 2 groups. For 3 months, both groups received nutrition counseling and decreased their daily intake of calories by 500. But one group was also eating 3 grams (a little less than 1 teaspoon) of cumin powder daily, swirled into 5 ounces of yogurt (the same amount of yogurt, minus the cumin, was also prescribed to the control group).

Well, at the end of the 3-month trial, members in the cumin group had lost 3 more pounds than those in the non-cumin group for a total of 13 pounds’ weight loss. More impressively, the cumin group members decreased body fat percentage by 15%—almost triple the 5% loss posted by the control group—apparently due to the addition of the fat-burning spice.

spice kills obesity

Benefits from cumin research

Well, the cumin group had some other improvements as well. They had decreased levels of harmful blood fats, like triglycerides. The participants in the cumin group had an average of nearly 10 points off their bad (LDL) cholesterol reading. The control group had only 5 points in that category. Well, this reveals that the cumin eaters burn more calories by adding this super healthy spice into their diets. And the best thing about it is that this spice also positively affects their health by reducing the risk of heart disease and obesity. The medical experts also claim that this spice can boost the metabolism as well, because it contains high amounts of phytosterols, which can inhibit the absorption of cholesterol in the human body.

Cumin – Health Benefits

This super healthy spice can provide many health benefits, such as:

Digestion – it improves digestion and relieves stomach aches and gas problems

Diabetes – it reduces the chances of hypoglycemia

Insomnia – this super healthy spice works like a relaxant and it can improve your sleep

Common cold – cumin will boost your immune system and it’s loaded with Vitamin C, which we all know that it’s extremely useful and powerful antioxidant in the fight against infections and other diseases

Asthma – this spice acts like an expectorant. It’s very useful in expelling the accumulated mucus in the respiratory tract

Cumin Tea – RECIPE

This tea is very simple and easy to make, just follow the simple instructions:


  • 1 tsp of cumin seeds
  • 250 ml water


Here’s what you need to do – add the seeds in a small bowl, and put it on heat for 10 seconds. Then, pour the water and wait until it starts to boil. After it boils, remove it from heat and cover it. Leave it for 5 minutes and then you need to strain the tea. Note: you can add some honey or some salt.

As you can see, this super healthy spice can provide many health benefits. Why don’t you use it every day? It’s a great weight loss aid and the best immunity booster. We really hope you enjoyed this article and don’t forget to share it with your friends and family. Thank You.

Source: Healthy Life Tricks

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