This Substance Will Whiten Your Teeth and Cleanse Your Digestive Tract in Just One Use


One of the benefits of using natural health remedies for whatever ails you is the fact that most remedies can be used in a variety of ways. Instead of having a medicine cabinet that is full of single-purpose bottles, you can have just a few items that tackle any health problem you may have.

With that in mind, activated charcoal is definitely something that should be in your medicine cabinet. It can treat many health issues, from dirty or infected teeth to digestive issues. Keep reading to find out why you should go get a bottle of activated charcoal right now.

What is Activated Charcoal?

Activated charcoal is a concoction that has been in use for health care since the early 1800s. In fact, you may even find it in hospitals and ambulances, since it can so swiftly take care of many emergency issues.In case you’re imagining the charcoal you use while grilling, you should know that they are not the same thing.

Activated charcoal comes from burning organic material without any chemicals being added during the process.You can buy activated charcoal in its powdered form or you can buy it in capsules if it is easier for you to store in a capsule form.

Using Activated Charcoal for Detox

Activated charcoal is the ideal substance for detoxing your body. It is extremely porous so it can absorb toxic material and flush it out of your body. Furthermore, activated charcoal stimulates your digestive system, so you can often immediately get the toxins out of your body via your waste.

Some people use activated charcoal just to detox and have a fresh start. This involves ridding your body of processed food, built-up toxins, and gut toxins. You can also take activated charcoal to immediately offset the effects of consumed poisons, medications, and chemicals.

Experts recommend taking activated charcoal shortly after eating processed or low-quality food, if you inexplicably feel tired, and if you feel nauseous after eating. If you are interested in maintaining a toxin-free environment in your body, you may begin each day with a capsule of activated charcoal.

Teeth Whitening with Activated Charcoal

The same traits that make activated charcoal a great solution for detoxing are the same traits that make it the perfect tool for whitening your teeth.When you rub activated charcoal on your teeth, the porous surface of the substance absorbs toxins, food buildup, and bacteria that cause your teeth to become yellow.

After just a couple uses of activated charcoal, you should notice that your teeth are considerably whiter.To use this tool for your teeth, just wet your toothbrush. You can open a capsule of activated charcoal and rub it on your toothbrush. Then, brush your teeth as normal and leave the charcoal on your teeth for a couple minutes. Rinse. Repeat daily as desired.

Given how multifunctional activated charcoal is, it should definitely be a staple in your medicine cabinet. Having it available can save you from poison ingestion, toxin buildup, and other dangerous conditions.


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