This Vegetable Protects From Heart Attack and Improves the Digestion

The sauerkraut, which is well-known as sour cabbage, has many health benefits and it deserves a place on the table.

This Vegetable Protects From Heart Attack and Improves the Digestion

Natural probiotic

The process of souring gives this vegetable the probiotic properties. Many healthy bacteria are building in the process of fermenting. These healthy bacteria have amazing effects on the digestive organs. This is the reasons why you should consume this vegetable after taking antibiotics, because you will restore the intestinal flora.

Great source of vitamin C

Sailor men can claim that the health benefits from this vegetable, because they usually carried it on their long cruises. Also, they used it as a preventive of scurvy – a disease that usually happens because of insufficient intake of vitamin C.

For healthy heart

This vegetable contains fiber that contributes in the process of regular digestion, and that makes it great for the health of the brain and the heart. The fiber also helps to regulate the level of bad cholesterol, and reduces the risk of stroke, heart attack and arteriosclerosis.

As a preventive of cancer

Sauerkraut has isothiocyanate that has anti-cancer effects. Also, it contains glucosinolate that activates the natural antioxidant enzymes in our bodies, while the flavonoids protect the arteries from damage and narrowing.

Strengthens the bones

Sauerkraut has high percent of minerals that can strengthen the bones and act as a preventive of osteoporosis. Also, it contains vitamin K that is really important for maintaining healthy bones, and that is because it produces proteins that regulate the mineralization of the bones.

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