This Woman Cured Rheumatism By Herself! Find Out How! (RECIPE)

A woman cured rheumatism with the help of this amazing recipe, after the doctors were unsuccessful. She also says that she healed her tonsils with his amazing method.


Here’s what she says:

“You can cure the swollen tonsils with a chestnut honey. Just spread the honey on a towel, put some black pepper and wrap the towel around your neck. If you have a natural honey, the tonsils will be away during the night”.

“After the failure of the doctors I cured the rheumatism by myself.”

She also adds –“The coldness of the hands and severe pains were insupportable.”


2 kg of natural chestnut honey
1L of rainwater or distilled water
250g of alfalfa clover
Apply the rainwater and the clover on low heat and cook them for 1 hour. Once the mixture starts to boil, remove it from the heat and strain it. Then you can add the honey and leave it to rest during the night.
Consume 2 tablespoons after your meals three times a day.

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