This Woman Cured Rheumatism By Herself! Find Out How!

Even though doctors came up empty handed on the cure for her rheumatism, she found a recipe to help herself.

‘I healed rheumatism by myself, after the doctor’s unsuccessful methods. The numbness and the pain in my hands were simply too much for me.’ That it how the woman introduced her issue with rheumatism.


Recipe for healing rheumatism:


2kg chestnut honey, raw and organic

1l rain water or purified water

250g alfalfa clover


Put your filtered water and alfalfa clover in a pot, and turn the gas on low. Cook for an hour. Once your liquid starts to boil, turn the gas off and strain. The water should cool slightly before you add the honey in. Let the ingredients settle overnight.


Take 2 tablespoons of your healing remedy three times a day. You may want to this after your meals.


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