This Woman Lost 196 Pounds In Just 18 Months By Changing Only One Thing In Her Diet

Lost 196 Pounds

Obesity is one of the most common and serious conditions today, and the number of patients is rapidly growing. Today we will tell you the story about an obese woman, who had over 150 kg, and gained even more during her pregnancy due to uncontrollable eating.

But just one change in the diet made this woman lose around 89 kg in just 18 months. Her situation was so bad that the doctors recommended her to eat less, since they expected her to live for about a year.

Apart from the obesity problems, she was experiencing walking issues and suffered from back pain.

At that moment, she decided to finally take care of her health so she could save herself. She stopped consuming junk food and started eating healthy and doing cardio three times a week.

By staying clear from food rich in carbs and sugar, in just 18 months, she managed to lose astonishing 89 kg. She did that by sticking to the following eating plan:

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