galric under the pillow

This magical ingredient can be used in the treatment of numerous health issues such as: relieving the symptoms of cold and flu, purifying the blood, cleansing the arteries, treats and prevents baldness, cures liver issues and is extremely effective against respiratory issues.

Due to its powerful medicinal and antibiotic properties, the Egyptians chewed raw garlic in the past. Allicin is the strongest compound consisted in the garlic. You will destroy its beneficial effects if you cook it so it’s recommended to consume it raw. You can combine it with some parsley or vegetable in order to eliminate the strong odor.

Why You Should Put Garlic Under The Pillow?

Only a few people know what are the benefits of putting garlic under the pillow before they go to sleep. To eliminate the negative energy, improve the quality of your sleep, relax your body and feel fresh in the morning. Many people put garlic in the pockets for a good luck.

Source: My Healthy Life Guide

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