“Three blessing” exercise – do it for only 7 days and watch what will happen to you!

Have you ever thought that in this moment of your life, you are exactly where you should be?

Three blessing exerciseThe probability that way, it is very small. On the contrary, certainly a lot more energy and time you spend thinking about how another time would be better or to make everything in your life be good Only if…

Reasons why “delaying” luck or simply forget to enjoy in this moment might seem banal one day. Nevertheless, it is often all fall into the trap of thinking like:

  • Just to finish the University
  • Just to get the long-awaited
  • Just to have better salary
  • Just to be slimmer
  • Just to fall in love
  • Just to have car, home…

And so we wait our luck as always there is a reason why our happiness is not complete. Days go in thinking about things that do not have and the things that we want to change in our lives. The grass is always greener on the other side.

“Be careful what you wish for” is famous saying that in the simplest possible way, says that although we sometimes wishes fulfilled, this does not mean that we will then be happy.

Take your happiness now and not delay it.

Sure there are many beautiful and good and happy circumstances in your life where you can build that sense of fulfillment and satisfaction, we just need to know. Whatever your problem is bothering you, whatever concerns and situations, accept the fact that you are exactly where you should be.

Take responsibility, live your life, because that is how all your problems are solved in advance. If you think that all this is for you too hard, we have an exercise for you that works equally well for those more or less negative people, but which also helps those who otherwise have a positive attitude.

Practice “Three blessing” or “What is today any good?”

It was found by Martin Seligman, one of the founders of “positive psychology” and one of the most influential psychologists today.

Although you can find exercises of gratitude in many self-help books, this exercise differs, and that is that once you write down the three day event for which you are grateful and happy, and you must answer why.

For example: “Thanks for enjoying coffee with friends.”

And the answer why: “Because I love my friends.”

You got it, as soon as you answer one more question why, in fact, receive another blessing.

Keep it doing three times.

Write it all down.

It will be fun to read what you have written after.

A smile and good sense are guaranteed.

Try to repeat this exercise at least 7 days – and just watch how your life changes.

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