Tips to clean House after Holi celebration

We all love our houses and pay attention on its cleanliness. Whenever any festival or celebration is about to come, you start cleaning it vigorously. But holi is only festival where you don’t clean house before the festival. Your focus stays only on post holi cleanliness. Holi is a festival which makes your house dirty with wet colours, coloured water and gulal. So you start cleaning the house as and when celebration ends. It is still easy to remove gulal stains from house but cleaning of wet stains is quite difficult. Follow these tips to clean your home after Holi.

For Floor:- Never use wet cloth for cleaning the floor if gulal falls on it. Instead sweep the floor with broom. For wet colours, clean the floor off with sponge. You should also soak coloured water spilled on floor with cloth as soon as possible. For permanent stains, apply paste of baking soda and water on affected area.

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